Is entry really free out of season for non-members?
Yes, during peak times we charge entry to help pay towards our nightly entertainment but out of season we provide free entry to non-members. The club is a lot quieter out of season so is perfect for any locals that would like to relax with a drink and/or a meal. And don't forget we still have entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays out of season!

Do I have to be a chalet owner to get a membership?
No, we do not restrict membership to only chalet owners, BUT, depending on how often you plan to use the club it may work out better for you to pay on the door.

How much is an annual membership for chalet owners?
This depends on if you have a 2 or 3 bed chalet/caravan. 2 bedroom accommodation is £180, 3 bedroom accommodation is £190. - Prices correct Jan 2024.

How much is an annual membership for non chalet owners?
For standard membership that allows up to 6 people entry is £180 or a personal membership that only admit the people registered to the pass is available, please contact us for pricing. - Prices correct Jan 2024.

Does the membership only allow me in or my guests too?
The standard membership covers your chalet so will allow anyone staying in your chalet entrance. 2 bed membership allows up to 6 people entrance, while a 3 bed membership allows up to 8 people entrance. Personal memberships only admit the people registered to the pass.

I only want a weekly pass, is this possible?
Yes, we can provide a week pass for 2 adults and 2 children for £50 or 2 adults and 4 children for £70. - Prices correct Jan 2023.

How much is a nightly pass?
This depends on the time of year, please see our price list.


Do you do Bingo?
Yes, we have cash prize bingo daily during peak times and weekends non peak times kicking off at around 7pm (dependent on numbers).

Do you have quiz nights?
This is something we are looking in to and will update our website should we proceed with it.

Do you have live entertainment every night?
It depends on the time of year, during the peak season we have nightly live entertainment, out of peak we try to have entertainment every Friday and Saturday night. please see our What's On page for upcoming entertainment.

Is live entertainment child-friendly?
We try to make sure all entertainment is child-friendly, if for whatever reason it is not (for example an adult orientated comedian) we will mention this on our what's on page and also have a notice on the club doors. On the rare occasion this may happen, we will make sure it is out of peak times.

Do you provide daytime entertainment for children?
This is something we are looking in to, if/when we do, we will update the website accordingly.

Big Fella's Restaurant

What are the opening times?
Opening times are still to be confirmed, please check back soon.

What food do you serve?
Big Fella's Restaurant serves a variety of food, you can check out the menu by clicking here. (Please note that the menu is subject to change)

Do you have vegetarian/vegan options?
We have some vegetarian options but are currently looking in to providing more and introducing vegan options.


Do you have wheelchair access?
Yes, there is a very small ramp onto the premises and it is flat from there. We also have a wheelchair-friendly toilet, please ask for the key from the sweet shop or bar.

Do you have baby changing facilities?
Yes, there are baby change facilities in the wheelchair-friendly toilet, please ask for the key from the sweet shop or bar.


Will I be asked for ID?
Please don't be offended if we ask you for ID, be flattered! If you look under 25 years old, please have photographic ID with you. If you are asked for ID and don't have it we cannot serve you, EVEN if another member of staff says you are over 18.
Forms of ID to prove you are over 18 include:

What are your opening times?
Our opening times are shown at the bottom of each page of this site or can be viewed by clicking here.

Can Club Oasis provide us with accommodation?
We do not own any chalets or caravans and as such we, unfortunately, cannot provide accommodation.

Are dogs allowed in the Club?
Apart from guide dogs, dogs are not allowed in the club at any time. Dogs are however welcome in the garden up till 5pm during peak times and dusk out of peak times.

Can my children use the club unsupervised?
No, anyone under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult at all times. For the safety of our other customers and staff, please ensure your children do not throw objects, run around the club, perform cartwheels or handstands etc, climb on any chairs, tables the stage etc and do not fight with each other. Anyone seen acting in a way that could harm someone WILL be asked to leave.

Do you have WiFi?
Yes, our customers can access our WiFi, unfortunately we do not have access to fibre internet so download speeds may be low at busy times.

Is there a dress code?
No, but please dress respectfully in clothes that won't offend others and you must remain fully clothed at all times.

Can I bring food and/or drink into the club?
No, if you attempt to bring food or drink in you will be asked to dispose of it, if you refuse you will be asked to leave.

Is there a cloakroom?
No sorry, we do not have cloakroom facilities, any items brought in to the club are at your own risk, we do not accept liability for anything being lost, stolen or broken.

Is there a cash machine?
No sorry, but we accept cards at the bar, bingo and our sweet shop are cash only. There is a cash machine located in the arcade next door.

I lost an item, what do I do?
Please inform a member and we can try and help you locate it. Unfortunately. any items brought in to the club are at your own risk, we do not accept liability for anything being lost, stolen or broken.

Is the club available for private hire?
Yes, please click here to find out more.

What happens if I'm abusive or rude?
This is a family venue and as such we expect customers to behave themselves, if you are abusive or rude you will be warned by staff, a second time and you will be asked to leave. Persistant bad behaviour and we will have no other option than to bar you, in this situation, if you are a member you also risk having your membership revoked without refund.