COVID Related Rules and Restrictions

Saturday 4th of July 2020

Firstly we would like to welcome you all back to Club Oasis, its been a long time coming but the re-opening is finally here!

Due to government guidelines, we have unfortunately had to put in some new temporary measures and restrictions. Please familiarise yourself with them as they will be enforced within the club.

  1. If you are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 or live/work with anyone displaying the symptoms please do not attend the club.
  2. Due to social distancing, the number of tables and chairs have been reduced, so you may be refused entry if we are at capacity.
  3. We are required to take the name and contact telephone of the head of each household and the number of people in your group and hold them temporarily for 21 days. We will not sell or provide these details to anyone except for the NHS track and trace service, IF requested, these details will be shredded after 21 days. We are sorry but if you refuse you cannot come in
  4. We may take your temperature using an Infrared Forehead Thermometer on entry or within the club. Anyone with a temperature over 37.8c/100f will be refused entry.
  5. Please use the provided hand sanitiser on entry, 1 squirt is enough.
  6. We will operate table service only, please remain in your seats as much as possible.
  7. Empty glasses/plates etc must be left on your table and collected by a member of staff, you cannot take your glasses to the bar.
  8. Parents are responsible for their children, please do not let them run/wander around the club. If they want to burn some energy you can ask to have your drinks put in plastic cups and take them out the front of the building (please dispose of the empty cups in a bin).
  9. Please do not move any tables or chairs or use tables and chairs that have been taped off. We have set tables and chairs to comply with the 1+metre social distancing rules.
  10. Unfortunately, Live music and loud recorded music is not permitted, we will be playing background music but dancing is not allowed (sorry).
  11. Group gatherings should consist of no more than two households.
  12. Please use the provided hand sanitiser on entry to toilets and wash your hands with soap thoroughly when exiting them.
  13. If you go outside to smoke, please try to maintain a safe 2-metre distance from people you are not sitting with.

Please follow all other instruction posters in the club. 

We do not wish to be killjoys and we hope everyone will still enjoy getting out and enjoying their freedom. 

This is going to be a new experience for not just you but for our staff too, so please be tolerant, kind, and be patient...

We look forward to seeing you all.

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